Andrea Munaro

Assistant Professor, University of Parma

I did my Ph.D. at Laboratoire G-SCOP, Univ. Grenoble Alpes supervised by András Sebő and Matěj Stehlík.
After that I was in Ulm, Koper, Fribourg, Morgantown and Belfast.

Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences, University of Parma

andrea.munaro at


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Lecture Notes

Teaching @ WVU

Calculus 2 - Section 6

ARM-D 422

MTWF 10.30am-11.20am

Calculus 2 - Section 404

NRC-E 127

MTWF 1pm-1.50pm

Calculus 2 - Section 405

NRC-E 127

MTWF 2pm-2.50pm

MATH 373 - 578

ARM-D 315

TTh 8.30am-9.45am